Sunday, July 17, 2016

Elmo Boxy Bag

After making bags for the twins, I knew I needed to make one for Claire, even though she won't be starting kindergarten for a few more years. Fortunately, I had just enough Elmo fabric left over from her Halloween bag last fall to make this pouch.

I used interfacing on the lining this time and it helped it fit better. The tutorial said to fuse the interfacing to the quilted panels, but I fused it to the interfacing, as that's what I wanted to hold its shape. After I boxed the corners, I also sewed the lining to the exterior before turning it, which also helped keep it in place. Despite starting with the same sized panels as last time, the finished dimensions are slightly different.

 Finished size: 9" x 4" x 3"

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Twin Boxy Bags

When I discovered a tutorial for boxy pouches on Pink Stitches via Crazy Mom Quilts, it suddenly occurred to me how much I have always wanted to make a boxy pouch like this. So naturally I made two! My twin nieces start kindergarten at the end of August, and I had already been planning some sort of beginning of the school year package, and these totes are just perfect for school supplies!

This pink fabric has appeared in two other projects: a Cathedral Window ornament, and my fabulous hexie turtle. It was just perfect because it's matching fabric, but, with the way it is cut, the bags are noticeably different. I used the alphabet stitch on my machine to stitch the girls' names on the handle of the bags, but the pink thread isn't dark enough to make it stand out very much. I was glad the names ended up oriented properly on the outside of the bags! I added some ribbon and beads for a cute little zipper pull.

I started with 8" x 13" panels to make the smaller bag. The end of the pouches turned out more rectangular than square, but that is not a problem. I quilted the exterior panels, but I opted not to use interfacing, as I don't usually and didn't have any. The lining ended up not being as snug as I would have liked, so I picked up some interfacing for the next one to see if that helps the problem. 

Finished dimensions: 3" x 4" x 8.5"

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Baby Alligator Quilt

This may be a baby boy quilt, but I love this gator print so much, I really want to keep it! It is going to family of brothers who received the shark and elephant quilts. (The oldest brother just finished kindergarten!)

This is my first Texas quilt! Shortly after finding out the baby would be a boy, I got an interview for a job. I bought the gator fabric at Hancock's going out of business sale, but that's all I accomplished before I accepted the job and we started packing. (The craft supplies are always the first to get packed.) There's a Hancock right down the street from our new place, but sadly, it's going out of business as well, and it was the closest fabric shop to the house. Fortunately, Joann's and Hobby Lobby aren't too far (though they're not in the same strip, as I've grown used to), and there's a Bernina dealer only a mile away.

May was a busy month. I wasn't sure how quickly I could pull together a quilt for a June baby; however, it's a simple design, so it came together quickly once I got everything unpacked and settled on a design.

Finished size: 38" x 49"

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Card

I was at the post office in March when I saw a sign that Mother's Day was May 8. I thought that seemed rather earlier in May than usual, but I was glad for the advanced notice - it would fall one week after we moved 5 states away so I needed to be prepared if I was going to get a card in the mail in time. Fortunately I was able to make a card before packing all my craft supplies (always the first thing to get packed), and, thanks to scheduling posts, this post was ready to go well in advance of the move as well! Happy Mother's Day!
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