Saturday, April 22, 2017

Princess Bags

Claire loves princesses. My mom told me they were looking at princess fabric at Joann's and she told Claire that I could make her something with princess fabric. Then I get a text from my sister, "I hear you have princess fabric? Claire needs a bag for all her princesses." I clarified that I did not have princess fabric, but yes, I could make a bag. Julie sent this super cute princess print. We had settled on a wristlet design, but the size of princesses necessitated making the bag a little bigger in order to accommodate all the fabric princesses (hopefully it's big enough for all the princess figurines). When I called Julie to discuss dimensions, she asked Claire, "Do you want one row of princesses or two rows of princesses?" Of course she picked two. Since it was going to be so much bigger than a wristlet, I added d-rings and an optional shoulder strap.

The lining is a pale yellow with a strip of the same star print that's on the outside  
Starting dimensions: 12.5"W x 11"H
Finished size: 12"W x 8"H x 4"D

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Flower Purses

I had planned to send our twin nieces two of the batik bags I made for Easter, but then my mom asked for a third for the youngest of the sisters she babysits. Since I didn't have enough fabric left for another, I decided to make two more for the twins out of this floral print so the sisters would all have matching bags. This floral fabric is very Eastery, and I was pleased to find these perfect pink flower buttons.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Car Boxy Bag

After I made a bag like this for Claire last year, I commented to my sister that I should make one for Claire's friend Jack too. She said he would love it for his cars, and I knew the fabric from the car quilt would be perfect. However, I didn't have a wide enough piece left, and it took me awhile to brainstorm the idea of making a road to make it wide enough, despite that being the pattern of the quilt this fabric is from! I used an orange polka dot fabric for the lining and found a cute car button to use as the zipper pull. Orange would have been perfect for a bit more contrast, but the blue works too. I used my machine's letter stitch to stitch BEEP BEEP on the handle, since it also says BEEP on the fabric.

Finished size: 4"W x 3.5"H x 8.5"L

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Triangle Trees Quilt

Making a quilt out of this tree fabric has been one of my goals for the past two years, since I've had it for awhile. This quilt went through so many variations of the layout, and this one is definitely the most visually interesting. Most of my quilts don't have borders like this one. I was inspired to use this half-square triangle design by an image I saw at work. I made a quick sketch only to discover when I got home that I didn't have as much of the tree print as I thought, and I didn't want the size to be limited my that. I had exactly enough tree fabric to make 80 blocks. Then one of my cuts went off the rails, ruining one of the blocks. Fortunately I had this swirly orange to substitute in, and I made 4 substitutions for the sake of symmetry. Blue would have been a logical substitution as well, but when I got to the back, I was glad I hadn't done that.

I had two green fabrics I was debating between, then I used a completely different one, since this one was a much better match. I bought this green swirl fabric thinking I would need it for the back of the Bright Birds quilt, but I didn't end up needing it, so fortunately it found the perfect home in this quilt.

Close up of the front fabrics
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