Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Solo Doll Quilt

This is the last one. Now I've made one for every little girl I know. It has been a really good stash busting project for both fabric and leftover scraps of quilt batting. This doll quilt is going to the little girl who is Samantha's new owner. I figured she might need a new blanket.

I didn't have enough blue fabric left for the bag. It is lined with pink.

Finished quilt size: 16.5" x 20"

Finished bag size: 3" x 4.5" x 5"

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Almost Twin Doll Quilts

After the first round of twin doll quilts, I decided to make some more, though these are not identical like the first two. That's okay because these are not going to twins. I had intended them to be identical, but I didn't have enough of either the cherry or the green fabric.

I did have just enough fabric left to make two little bags:

Finished size of quilts: 17" x 21"

Finished size of bags: 3.5" x 4" x 6", plus handles

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pink and Green Paisley Quilt

This is a very small quilt, but it has a lovely color scheme. This is exactly how much of the paisley fabric I had. I had many options for coordinating fabrics.

Deciding what to do with the back of the quilt was a challenge. I really wanted to use this leafy fabric, but I also wanted to quilt in pink and green zig zags. However, the quilting would cross the vines instead of moving in the same direction as them, and I knew I wouldn't be happy with the way it looked. I decided if I only quilted in green and skipped the pink, the contrasting direction wouldn't be as noticeable, and it really turned out not to be. I added the strip of paisley because the vine fabric was in two pieces. Fortunately the strip was just the right length! I ended up using the back of the quilt to create the binding, but I made it look like a separate binding.

New items purchased to complete this quilt: batting

Finished size: 36" x 44"

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Twin Doll Quilts

Surprise! It's twin quilts for my twin nieces. I have some dolls to send them, so it was a good excuse to make some doll quilts. I wanted to use this floral fabric, but it wasn't really enough for a bigger quilt. I also wanted to try out this pattern, but I didn't really want to piece it on a larger scale. I used a fusible interfacing technique to quickly piece the tops.

I really like the quilting pattern, but I don't think it complements the top design very well. It probably would have looked better with a design that matches the way the pattern radiates from the center. It would definitely work better on a pattern where there are an even number of squares in the rows and columns.

Finished size: 16" x 20"

ETA: After I made the cherry doll quilts, I had to go back and make matching bags for these quilts as well:

Finished size: 3" x 4" x 5.5"

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunburst Quilt

As with most of the quilts I made in 2013, this quilt was an exercise in fabric management. I wanted to make a quilt with what I had and buy as little fabric as possible, so that required a design that maximized what I had in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Plus, orange fabric is not easy to come by, let alone matching it something you already have, nor was this shade of pink, of which I only had half a yard. 

One of these blocks is not like the others. Can you find it? Unfortunately, it didn't end up in the spot I intended it because I wasn't paying attention. It was supposed to be one block down from where it is. Originally the blocks were going to be in a straight 5 x 7 layout so I was only going to need 17 orange squares. Then I decided to a make a larger quilt by putting the blocks on point, which meant I needed three more blocks and I only had enough orange polka dot fabric for two more blocks.

I often piece together quilt backs to make them interesting, but this one had to be pieced in order to make it large enough, as I didn't have enough of any one fabric left and I didn't want to buy more. It worked out nicely in that I had other coordinating orange and blue fabrics. It was not large enough to use as binding though, so I did have to buy some fabric to bind it. I used single fold binding cut at 2.5" and it turned out nearly perfectly. Though all slightly different, this is my third zig zag quilt in a row (one, two), but it just worked so nicely with the design.

New items purchased to complete this quilt: batting and fabric for binding

Finished size: 42.5" x 53"
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