Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quilt Will

I am not yet 30; I don't have a regular will.

However, I decided I wanted to leave a list of which quilts I wanted my friends and family members to have should I die. Living so far from where I spent most of my life, Zack hasn't met most of my friends, so he would have no idea who should get one, let alone which one. I compiled pictures of them and put everyone's names next to the ones I want them to have. Obviously, like any real will, it will change over time, as I make more quilts.

I don't think this is that odd. Like any other important possession, I imagine this is something other people might include in a will, or at least make some similar provision.

My mother thinks this is morbid and doesn't understand why I think of things like this. Nonetheless, she also thinks she should get all my quilts. My sister thinks she should trump my husband because she's known me longer. Zack commented that even though we're married, I only left one to him. (It is my favorite.)

Regardless of what they think, it makes me feel better.

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