Sunday, June 27, 2010

Roxy Bag

I finally finished! I have been working on this bag for quite a while, and planning it for even longer. I finished the pocket right before I had to take my sewing machine in. Once I got my sewing machine back, I just had to wait until yesterday to use my Hancock coupon to purchase the rings for the straps, which was the priciest part of the project even with the coupon.

This was one of my favorite t-shirts, and I really wanted to incorporate the Roxy logo into the bag. I also included the tag from the t-shirt into the design. I would have loved to find a blue and orange hibiscus print fabric for the lining, but I wasn't going to hold my breath so I did some decorative orange stitching instead.

The pattern is a modified version of jcaroline creative's hobo bag. I modified the strap and the zipper pocket. I also didn't use a snap closure, interfacing, or foam.


  1. Just a thought (please forgive me if you have already thought of it :-) but why not 're-cycle' bag rings from bags you no longer use/love? or maybe you could 'buy'a bag for its parts (rings, handles, lining material, magnetic clasps etc) from a thrift shop or car boot ( I believe you call them garage sales in the US)
    I do that all the time - but then I am a 'natural hoarder' and never throw anything out!
    regards M

  2. Thank you. My husband did suggest the thrift shop after I realized how much the clips on my bike bag would cost if I'd had to purchase them (they did come off something else), but I decided that it wasn't worth my time to drive around hoping to find something that would work. I do plan to keep in it mind for future projects though.

  3. I'm dying to make bags. I think I'm a chicken though. Fine, I know I am!


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