Sunday, December 20, 2015

Yo-Yo Christmas Tree

Earlier this fall, my mom texted me a photo of a what essentially was a yo-yo tree with stuffed yo-yos. I made her this instead because I thought it would look better with flat yo-yos. I used this tutorial for guidance. The yo-yos range from 6cm to 22cm. I used a 3/8" dowel so a saw wasn't necessary because I could cut through it with my scissors. I hot glued the dowel into a 1" wooden spool. If I did this again, I would cut a circle of thin cardboard to insert in the biggest yo-yo to better support the bottom, otherwise it's large enough to be droopy. I hoped to find a star bead to stick on top of the dowel, but no luck, so I used a wooden star instead.

Finished size: approximately 4" wide and 8" high

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