Sunday, April 15, 2018

Baby Triangles, Version 2

I try to avoid making the same quilt twice, but I had a lot of fabric left over from last year's triangle baby quilt. Having bought it leading up to moving, I erred on the side of caution and bought more than I thought I'd need. Conveniently, my sister's friend was expecting a girl and using the same colors for her nursery, and the triangle design just comes together so quickly, plus I had leftover triangles already cut. I used up most of the peach fabrics, so I had to sub in a few fabrics Julie eliminated from her palette. I was worried it wouldn't look as good, but I like the darker pink.
The two fabrics substituted for the peachier fabrics in the last quilt.
I only had 3 triangles and this little piece of the triangle fabric left.
I only had this little piece of the polka dot fabric left.
As much as I like the grey fabric with silver dots, I ended up using a light grey fabric with tiny white polka dots for the binding on this one. I wanted to include the two new fabrics in the back, but my primary objective was using up the rest of the chevron fabric and it just wasn't coming together until I eliminated those two. I did the same zig zag quilting design as before.

Finished size: 41" x 57"

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