Saturday, December 15, 2018

Folded Fabric Hexagon Ornament

I made this ornament in February. The only other time I've made an ornament for the exchange that early in the year was the little red suitcase. I was looking for ideas on how to quilt my Dresden plate quilt when I came across this ornament, so of course I had to take a detour from quilting to make one. I saw the idea at A Spoonful of Sugar, but the instructions are at Sewing and Beyond. Once I figured out the process, I adapted it a bit and ironed everything into shape before stitching it down. I started with a hexagon with the edges measuring 4" and this resulted in an ornament measuring 4" across with 2" edges. The button is 3/4". I had plenty of Christmas fabric, but I decided that this postage stamp print would show the best once folded, and I prefer to have postage-themed ornaments for Amanda over Christmas-themed ornaments. I made a folded postage fabric ornament in 2014, but this one is a little more intricate.

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