Sunday, May 3, 2020

Fox and Feathers Quilt

I've had the fox fabric in this quilt since 2018, so it felt very good to finally find a design I was pleased with and get started. It was also nice that it came together so quickly once I had a design. I had hoped to highlight the foxes a bit more, but with only 2 yards, fussy cutting wasn't the best use of the yardage.

To complete the back, I had to include some other fabrics. Fortunately I was able to complete it with what I had on hand. This grey print went nicely with the pink, but not as well with the blue, so I supplemented with some additional grey polka dots. I quilted it with my favorite pink thread. My original quilting plan was straight vertical lines, but I am glad I switched to zig zags.

Close up of leaf, feathers, and backing fabric

Close up of fox

Finished size: 64" x 76"

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