Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cathedral Windows 1

I've wanted to do a Cathedral Window quilt since approximately 2002 when I first saw the design. I played around with it a bit, even buying yards of muslin a couple years ago, but the instructions required sewing all the blocks and turning them inside out and it was just a lot of work! Then last year I found this tutorial that only requires ironing the blocks. So this year I finally mustered up the motivation to iron 6 yards of muslin, cut it into 96 squares, and then iron the squares into the folded blocks. Then they sat there for a couple months while I mustered up the motivation to sew them together.

In order to make sewing the colored squares in easier, I've started with smaller blocks that will be joined later. There will be 24 9.5" blocks to join, so the finished project won't be very large. Now I'm on a roll sewing in the colored squares, even if it does require a lot of pinning, since the technique is the same as my dragonfly quilt. So far I've been able to use all scraps, but in order to achieve a more varied selection of fabric, I'm going to have to start cutting into my stash.

1 comment:

  1. I love this pattern, especially the colors in this square.


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