Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Decade Quilts

After 11 years, this project is finally finished! I started these blocks in 2001, and a year's gone by since I last worked on them. This is one of four mini-quilts I made with the blocks. I decided that there was no need to make a full-size quilt, so I made four mini-quilts instead. They are "pet sized," and will be donated to the animal shelter. For being badly pieced, the tops came out remarkably free of puckers. I used quilt batting recycled from another project and backed them with various solid fabrics I had on hand.

Finished size: 30" x 36"


  1. I love the visual image this quilt gives..beautiful colors too. I had never thought about donate quilts to animal that common?

  2. It's probably not that common to donate quilts, but the shelter where I live does accept towels and blankets as bedding.


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