Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rainbow Hexagons

About a year ago, the clock on the wall in my office at work died a slow, painful death. As it stopped keeping time accurately, it made weird noises. When we reported it to facilities maintenance, they didn't fix it, they just removed the entire clock, leaving a gaping hole in the wall. From where I sit, I can't see most of the hole, but one of my coworkers looks right at it. He has commented that I should make something crafty to cover the hole, but it wasn't until this month that I realized I could use an embroidery hoop to make a convenient circle. I got an 18" hoop at Hobby Lobby and painted it silver. All the fabric is from my stash. The hexagons are pieced together, and then I stitched the whole loop down on the black background. I managed to get the whole thing in the hoop without too much trouble.

Other art for the office: owls, butterfly, polyhedrons

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