Saturday, February 22, 2014

My New Machine

Well, my last post about my sewing machine turned out to be a bit too prescient, unfortunately. After I finished the pot holders, I changed the stitch length to do some paper piecing, but the tension just wasn't right and I couldn't fix it. I did a lot of sewing last year, and my machine hadn't been checked in a while, so I decided to take it in. Unfortunately, a part was broken that couldn't be replaced.

So, after much emotional trauma, I decided to buy a Bernina 330. As much as I loved my old Singer, I'd known for a while that I wouldn't get another when the time came. In addition to a Bernina dealer, we also have Pfaff, Brother, Janome, and Babylock dealers in town. I did consider a Janome Horizon (look at all that throat space!) until I found out how expensive they are. I knew this would be a pricey purchase, but I didn't have that big of a budget; I struggled to justify what I did spend, even though my husband was totally okay with the price of the Bernina. I did try to find a used machine, but in a town this size, we don't have a big second-hand market, and I didn't have a lot of time to waste. 

This was particularly unfortunate timing, as my new niece is due in May, and it's a seriously set back my quilting schedule to learn a new machine with all the traveling I'm doing for work, as there's no way the quilt will be done in time for the shower next month. The manual for this machine is 50 pages, and it refers to it as a "sewing computer." Intimidating. It's a bit of a learning curve. Of course, the first thing I did was try out the alphabet stitch, and all the other fancy stitches I've never had before! I think my favorite feature is going to be the start/stop button - you don't have to use the foot pedal! I anticipate that this will makes sewing so much more comfortable. The biggest adjustment, besides all the buttons, will be that my Singer was in a table and this one is not. We'll see how it goes!

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