Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jar Pin Cushion

Now that I have a little more space on my new sewing table, I decided to make a jar pin cushion. It really makes sense for the storage aspect, because I keep a ton of pins in my flower pot pin cushion. However, it's never enough when I'm pinning a quilt, and on a daily basis it's rather full.  

I didn't want the fabric to show under the lid, so I hot glued the fabric to the underside of the lid.

Before stuffing with quilt batting.
Then I stuffed the lid with quilt batting and glued the other part of the lid in place. Quilt batting was really convenient because you can roll it into a ball and keep it easily in place while gluing.

No fabric peeking out!

I'll still be using the flowerpot pin cushion, just for different pins:

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