Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sewing Class

I have never been much of a clothes sewer, mostly because I don't do very well with patterns. However, after reading Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline, I decided I would look into classes. Unfortunately, none of the sewing shops around here offer classes on clothes. Then I discovered that the local community college was offering a short continuing education class called "Simple Sewing for Spring" that would focus on clothes, although it required no sewing experience. A couple people in the class had sewn before, but half had never even used a machine, and I was only one with recent, active experience.

The first project was a headband, just to see our skill levels. It did end up fitting my head, not that I will wear it. 

The second project was a bag.

The third project was actual clothing, though out of muslin as a test run. We all made the same pattern, which the instructor cut out for us based on our bust measurements. It did end up fitting for the most part, but that was only because I decided to experiment with french seams, so I ended up taking it in unintentionally. Otherwise, it would have been too big. The neckline was of course too low. I ended up doing three different finishes on it. Only the arms came out decently, and I'm convinced it's because a pretended it was a quilt and bound it as such.

We met at the fabric shop as a class and I bought some marked down voile for an actual tank top, but after my muslin trial, I have no plans to start a real top in the near future.

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  1. Hi!!!! I love your headband and bag!!!!! Very pretty!!!!!


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