Saturday, September 26, 2015

Red and White Redux

I spent the better part of 2015 working on this quilt in fits and starts. It is a revamp of fabric from my original red and white quilt, which I dismantled some time ago. It was from my early days of quilting and wasn't particularly stellar construction. I wanted to recycle the fabric into a new project, and I had some newer, somewhat coordinating, fabric to work in as well. 

I created the half-square triangles, and those sat around awhile. After a lull of much contemplation, I still hadn't figured out a design so I just decided to sew the squares into blocks of four. Then those sat around awhile. Once I finally settled on the arrangement for the blocks, I then couldn't decide if I wanted the center of the blocks to be red or white. I was leaning toward white, but everyone else said red, and eventually I came around to that choice. Assembly didn't take too long after that once I reached that point.

Finished size: 38" x 50"

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