Saturday, May 20, 2017

Scrap Quilt #3

I started this quilt in 2015, right after finishing my last scrap quilt. Then we moved, and all the little squares got packed up. It is 25 blocks of 49 2.5" squares.

The Irish chain design is a little harder to see than I anticipated.

Close up of the design

This silvery fabric is from a quilt I made in 2009. I thought the metallicness would make it stand out more.

Originally this quilt was going to be 20 blocks of 49 squares, just like the last one. Once I started working on it again, I realized I had enough fabric to make 5 more blocks, so I did. This meant a square quilt - a first for me. Then I realized the extra width meant that I wouldn't have enough of the fabric I was planning to use for the back. Fortunately I had just enough of this green fabric for the back.

I quilted in a criss-cross pattern through every other square. I debated quilting through every square like I did on the last scrap quilt, but this design didn't require it. I bound it in this nice silver fabric that I originally spotted for my next quilt. Of course once it was bound, I regretted not quilting it more.

Just like the last scrap quilt, I had to include a penguin square! It's actually quite the "I Spy" quilt, much more so than the last scrap quilt. In addition to the penguin, there are at least three owls, a bird, an alligator, a unicorn, a snowman, a shark, an airplane, and four pears.

Finished size: 68" x 68"
Total squares: 1,225


  1. I love scrap quilts and yours is super. All those 2.5" squares sewn together to make a great quilt.


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