Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Goals

I don't usually set quilting goals, but I thought I would this year since I'm still working on the scrappy goals I set in June. In 2013 my unofficial goal became to make quilts from my stash as much as possible, but I didn't have specific projects in mind to complete.

Unrelated to goals - I just love this fabric!

Goal 1: Another scrap quilt. It's already in progress so I am fairly confident I will complete it. (Update: In April we moved to a new state 1400 miles away, so the June baby quilt will take priority!) Finally finished! May 2017.

Goal 2: Baby quilt for my friend who's due in June. Sibling to the Shark and Elephant quilt recipients. We'll see if it's another boy. Can't leave the third kid without a quilt, so this will definitely be completed (though if it's a girl, I do already have a quilt that still needs a home). Update: It's a boy! (Found a home for the rainbow quilt before we moved!) Done! June 2016. 
  •  Goal 2a (June update): Another baby boy quilt! Just found out another friend is expecting a baby boy in September! (Too bad I don't have more alligator fabric!) Update: Done! August 2016.

Goal 3: Finally make a quilt with the remaining blocks from the Quilt Block Project. I made 51 blocks, and I now have 14 left. I took most of them apart, though a couple made it into quilts. I actually have a plan to incorporate many of the 2.5" squares I'll still have even after completing the second scrap quilt, and I think having a plan will go a long way toward actually making progress on this quilt. Update: Done! February 2016.

Goal 4: Brainstorm and research what to do with the hexagon blocks. I may not actually start any sewing on this quilt, but I do plan to at least do some planning. Update: Returned to Amanda. April 2018.

Goal 5: Fix my Pink Star quilt. You'll notice there's no photo of the back of the quilt in that post. That's what needs to be fixed, but it requires ripping out a lot of quilting. Update: Done! May 2017.

Goal 6: This one is really broad. Make quilts with or find uses for the following fabrics:

Fabrics 2, 3 & 5 - Done! March 2017; Fabric 1 became a quilt back.

Done! February 2018

The blue fabric became a quilt back.
Blue and beige - Done! May 2018

Birds & polka dots - Done! February 2017

Done! December 2016

The orange became a quilt back, and the pink became purses.

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