Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sampler Quilt

I started this quilt in 2008. I am so glad it's finally finished! I made a bunch of blocks, and then it turned out that they didn't really go together at all, so they sat around as I tried to figure out what to do with them. (It's my second longest work-in-progress.) I ended up taking a bunch of blocks apart, and I made a couple into their own quilts. In the end, I had 14 out of 51 blocks left, so I made one more unique block. Then I pulled as many squares of coordinating fabric from my scrap challenge stash as I could to create five more nine-patch based blocks. (There are only two fabrics in the nine-patch blocks that don't appear in the rest of the blocks.)

The back is the same fabric as the sashing. It was purchased with this project in mind after I committed the original fabric to my scrap quilt. Part of the reason I put off this project for so long was finding a sashing fabric that would bring all the blocks together. I really love the grey and blue color combination. The blue was originally purchased for my polka dot spiral quilt. I quilted along the sashing, and then I quilted all the blocks individually based on their designs. I quilted a star in this one to fill the middle since it is star fabric:

Quilt block #28

Then I decided that a star made sense for the center of this starry block as well:

Quilt block #40

A star didn't make as much sense for the butterfly block, but it fit in the space I needed to fill nicely:

Quilt block #37

Close up of the backing fabric

Other quilt blocks featured:
Quilt block #1
Quilt block #44
Quilt block #9
Quilt block #52
Quilt block #42
Quilt block #43
Quilt block #2
Quilt block #33
Quilt block #41
Quilt block #39
Quilt block #50
Quilt block #46

Finished size: 56" x 70", shrunk to 55" x 68" after washing because I did not pre-shrink the batting

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