Sunday, July 21, 2013

Purple and Yellow Crosses

This could have been two quilts, but I don't need any more quilts to find homes for, so I made it into one quilt. However, this presented a binding challenge. I usually use the back of the quilt to create the binding, but that wasn't going to be possible here. Typical machine binding looks different on the front and back of the quilt, and since either side of this quilt could be the front, I wanted the binding to look the same on both sides.

Side 1

Side 2

Miraculously, attaching the binding was not the disaster I anticipated. Another miracle was that I didn't put it off for too long in anticipation of the difficulty. Granted, the corner miters could look a bit better, but despite only being able to see one side as I bound it, the other side came out just fine, and everything was properly attached. I think the key was that I did not pin the binding; I simply worked on 8" sections at a time.

Some of my favorite blocks (besides the original inspiration):

Some close up shots of the quilted blocks:

This quilt is off to Wisconsin to live with my cousin whose apartment burned down a few months ago. She lost everything, so a quilt seemed like good housewarming gift as she moves into a new place next month.

Read more about the evolution of this quilt: progress post #1, progress post #2.

New items purchased to complete this project: one half yard of purple fabric for the binding, one spool of yellow thread, and one spool of purple thread

Finished size: 37" x 56"

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