Saturday, July 27, 2013

Outdoor Cushions for the Cats

My sister asked if I would make outdoor quilts for her cats. Apparently Tyco really wanted to share her towel while she was sunbathing, so she brought out the red quilt for him and he was happy. She didn't really want to use the quilt outdoors though, hence the special outdoor quilt request. When I asked why she couldn't just give Tyco a separate towel or buy a patio chair cushion, Julie said Tyco likes things that are "made specifically for him." They are very pampered cats. I was going fabric shopping that day anyway, so I figured why not, and I picked up some outdoor canvas, which fortunately was half off. I was pleased to find matching prints in the colors she requested.

Light green for Cleo's lighter fur

Red and brown for Tyco's darker fur

Tyco outside on an inside quilt

Tyco waiting for his new outdoor quilt

They finally arrived! Apparently Tyco really does like things made for him, because when Julie laid the quilts out, Tyco went right to the red one and it "took him about 3 seconds to lay down and get comfy."

Cleo was sleeping under the bed when they arrived and decided not to investigate right away.

Cleo tries out her quilt a little closer to her hideout under the bed

Unfortunately it's been a bit too hot lately for the kitties to try them out outside!

ETA - Here's Tyco getting ready for an outdoor nap!

Finished size: 25" x 33"

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