Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blue and Green Paisley Quilt

This was a difficult quilt to design because, while I had many coordinating fabrics, I had less than a yard of the paisley fabric, which I wanted to maximize and make the focal point. I wanted to create a design that used the fabric efficiently and in somewhat large pieces.

I absolutely love the quilting design! So much that I plan to use it for my next quilt.

I started designing this quilt with all these fabrics:
Too many choices
I then narrowed it down to these:
Much more manageable

When I finally decided on a design, it required using only one of the blues.  I wasn't sure which one to pick, but I'm really pleased with the choice.

Close up of the final choices

New items purchased to complete this quilt: one spool of thread

Finished size: 37" x 49"

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