Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fabric Photo Book

Earlier this year, we took a family trip to Florida. While at the airport, I had the brilliant brainstorm to make a fabric photo book for my niece. She's still a bit too young to be trusted with paper pages, but it was her first trip to Disney World, so I wanted to do something.

The book is 12 pages long. I think selecting the photos was the longest part of the process, with shopping for supplies a close second, as it required a lot of fusible supplies and many trips to multiple stores. Actually putting it together did not take that long. The paper mock-up I made to use as a guide helped make that process go smoothly. I used printable, fusible fabric sheets for the photos, and I was really pleased how nicely they worked - both the printing and the fusing. I used fusible interfacing to stabilize the pages. The cover has fusible letters and a fusible applique. There was sewing involved in the creation of the pages and cover and binding them together.

Finished size: 8.75" x 8.75"

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