Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blue Flannel Blankie

I'd love to say that I whipped up this little blanket in no time at all, but unfortunately I repeatedly ripped out many, many stitches while trying to quilt it. The quilting was ultimately very minimal and very straight, after my failed attempts at curved and free-motion quilting. Nonetheless, it is a great project for my 2013 goal of using up my stash, even if it took longer than anticipated! This print is cute, but the primary color scheme did not lend itself well to anything else in my stash except this blue flannel, which was a perfect match.

It will be a perfect baby gift, especially with the addition of my home-made "ribbon." I frequently forget about wrapping gifts until the last minute, and by using a strip of fabric, you can easily make a matching tie for your quilt. Cuteness!

Finished size: 36"x39"
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