Sunday, December 18, 2022

Penguin Cocoa Mug Ornament

I have wanted to make a cocoa mug ornament before, but didn't necessarily want to go through the effort of working out the dimensions. I started with a toilet paper tube cut in half, then I rolled up some quilt batting scraps to fill it out and glued a pieces of brown felt to the top. Next I cut the felt to size, whip-stitched it and folded it over, then whip-stitched it to a circle to create the mug and inserted the cocoa. I rolled some felt to create the handle and glued it in place, then stitched in on. I wanted to decorate the mug, but didn't settle on a design until after I'd stitched it. (The penguin brads were previously used for stockings.)  I considered using pompoms for marshmallows, but ended up rolling felt strips and gluing them in place. The cocoa insert is only glued in where I inserted the baker's twine for the hanger.
Finished size: 2.5" high by 2" wide, plus handle

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Cross-Stitched Metal Discs

I found these 2" metal discs on clearance at Joann's three years ago, because I know at least two Christmas ornament making seasons have gone by without using them. The first year I didn't even really try. Last year I did settle on the mail box design, but then I just couldn't bring myself to get started or commit to colors or something. This year, I finally sucked it up and it really wasn't too bad! After that, I was motivated to pick out and execute the cactus design fairly quickly, though I decided not to bother with a background. I glued felt circles on the back to finish them off.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Air Mail Ornaments

While cleaning out my parent's basement last winter, we found some airmail envelopes which I happily claimed to repurpose. After cutting out the air mail logo, I mod podged one directly on to the one glass heart I had left (previously used for sprinkles and spools of ribbon). I mod podged another logo onto card stock and glued it on to a wooden spool.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Reindeer Glitter Wreath

I used these 3" wreaths years ago to make simple ornaments with fake flowers glued to the top where the button is in this one, so I've probably had this one left over since about 2006. I had some glittery reindeer from the fireplace Christmas "ornament" of 2017. I tied on the beads, and the reindeer fit nicely in place, but once I glued on the bow and the heart button, I decided to glue everything in place.

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