Saturday, December 18, 2021


"Weihnachtswichtelchen" is my new favorite word. I made a set of these little elves for Amanda and knew I would have to make a set for myself as well, so I used different beard shapes. I did not bother blanket stitching the faces, thought I did blanket stitch the edges of the bodies on the machine. I cut a couple layers of quilt batting to fit to use as stuffing. Conveniently I had matching felt, star buttons, and twine on hand.

Finished size: 2" wide at base x 5.5" tall

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Woven Hexie Stamp Ornament

I followed a tutorial for weaving this ornament. I was able to do it without the special weaving tool, though I'm sure that would have been easier than using tweezers. I also used masking tape to hold it in place instead of pins. This is a scaled back version of the ornament in the tutorial. When I drew out the grid, I realized it would be a rather large ornament, so I made the strips 1" wide instead. It's still 5" across and 6" tall. I machine stitched the binding to the front and then hand stitched it to the back. The binding was probably trickier than the weaving, even without the special tool. It's a very reversible ornament. I used a button to attach the ribbon instead of a grommet. This postage stamp fabric was last seen in a hexagon shaped ornament in 2018.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Trio of Sequin Balls


This is not the most original Christmas ornament design, since I made a sequin ornament for Amanda last year. However, the first ornament I made did not work out, and I didn't have much more time to be creative since we were moving again and I needed to get this year's ornaments in the mail before that happened. Perhaps I will try the other design again next year and see if I can figure out where I went wrong when I have more time. As for this year, she will probably be more excited about the box I'm wrapping these in!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Red and Purple Purse

After Claire requested a purse, I asked if Lucy needed one too. Julie checked with her and of course she did. I expected she would want one like Claire's, but no, she requested one "all purple and red." This one is more "red and purple," but I was working with what I had to find coordinating red and purple fabrics. Most of my purples are very monochromatic, so the lining is purple. I didn't think a purple button was sufficient, so I added the rick rick. I doesn't match the button perfectly, but it adds a nice pop of purple.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Pink and Gold Unicorn Purse

Claire asked if I could make her a bag in this style, but with a pinker fabric than the one I originally made for her when she liked red. I sent photos of the pink fabrics I had on hand and she chose this one with gold unicorns on it. I added some gold rick rack I had left over from my tree skirt. I don't think it needed it, but I was adding rick rack to Lucy's, and I wanted to make them as similar as possible. I usually top stitch after the bag is completely assembled, but in this case I stitched the rick rack on before I sewed the two sides together and just left it at that. The magnetic closure seems to work just as well. I would've liked to find a gold or unicorn button, but that can be changed out later.

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