Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clemson Fleece

My mom got me this fleece while I was living in the nice Warm South, so I never wore it much. Or at all actually; it still had the tag on it. Now that I live in the Cold North, I decided to give it a make-over. Part of the reason I never wore it was not so much the temperature, but the fact that I dislike clothing that has to be removed over one's head. Especially with fleece, it causes so much more static. I solved that problem by cutting it down the middle and finishing the edges with bias tape. It was supposed to have a zipper, and may still, if I ever find a separating orange zipper that is an appropriate length. I accented it with a little Clemson tiger paw patch that I had left over from sprucing up Zack's sweatpants and my South Carolina themed ornaments.

ETA: I finally added a zipper! It's not orange, but now I'll wear it!

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