Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pink and Green Paisley Quilt

This is a very small quilt, but it has a lovely color scheme. This is exactly how much of the paisley fabric I had. I had many options for coordinating fabrics.

Deciding what to do with the back of the quilt was a challenge. I really wanted to use this leafy fabric, but I also wanted to quilt in pink and green zig zags. However, the quilting would cross the vines instead of moving in the same direction as them, and I knew I wouldn't be happy with the way it looked. I decided if I only quilted in green and skipped the pink, the contrasting direction wouldn't be as noticeable, and it really turned out not to be. I added the strip of paisley because the vine fabric was in two pieces. Fortunately the strip was just the right length! I ended up using the back of the quilt to create the binding, but I made it look like a separate binding.

New items purchased to complete this quilt: batting

Finished size: 36" x 44"

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