Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Purse with Pizzazz

I couldn't help myself; I made Claire another purse. This is the fabric I wanted to use for the red purse. I had seen this pattern awhile ago and thought it had a bit more style. I did make a few adaptations. First, I made it one inch longer. Second, I did not gather the lining (which is a plain, solid red fabric), I pleated it just like the outside of the purse so the shape would match and it would fit better. Third, I did not do a button closure. This button is purely decorative. The glittery heart button was a great match for this fabric, but I didn't think the shape would work very well as an actual closure, and I had another magnetic closure that I figured would be ideal. Instead of top stitching after attaching the band to the body of the purse, I waited until the bag was completely assembled to top stitch, thus giving more stability to the band for opening the magnet. 

Finished size: 8" wide at top, 9" wide at bottom, 7" long at center

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