Sunday, April 28, 2019

New Wave Quilt

When I came across the pattern for the unicorn quilts, I also came across the New Wave quilt. It seemed like a good design for one set of fabrics on my 2019 quilt goals. I made a few tweaks. I wanted to get more wedges out of a single fat quarter, so instead of using the template, I made my wedges 2" on the short end, 5" on the wide end, and 8" across. Surprisingly, I was able to piece the front entirely out of my stash, though some fabrics show up more frequently than others. The blues don't all quite match each other, but with the white sashing in between, they blend well enough.

After I had all the columns pieced, it was a bit too square, so I decided to make it longer. It turned out to be my biggest quilt yet. Even with all that bulk, the quilting was easy as I just followed the zig zags. I did have to buy some fabric to complete the back. I had 2 yards of a green fabric I hadn't used for the front, and I had intended to make an entirely green backing, but nothing at the store matched the green I had. I got the rest of what was left of a blue fabric instead, but since there was only 2 1/3 yard, that wasn't quite enough, so fortunately I had enough other leftovers to supplement, which also allowed me to save some green fabric for the binding.

Close up of fabrics

Close up of fabrics

New backing fabric and green binding fabric

Finished size: 76" x 84"

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