Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa Gnome Pattern

Make your own Santa gnome!

Download the pattern.


Felt: red, white, black, yellow, tan  
Embroidery floss: red, black
Other supplies: needle, hot glue gun, stuffing, scissors, ribbon, pins


Cut one piece of red felt on the dotted line. (The length of the solid line down the side of Santa is 3".)

Note: The pattern ends up being completely cut up, so if you're making multiple gnomes, cut out the all of red base pieces now.

Cut the template below the belt and use this as a guide to cut the belt out of black felt. Cut a tiny square of yellow for the buckle.

Cut the template below the hat line and use this as guide to cut the brim of the hat out of white felt.

Cut out the beard and face. The face and beard can also be cut using a dime and a quarter as a template, respectively. Sew a stitch in the beard for the mouth and sew french knots for the eyes.

Lay everything out and start gluing.

Glue the buckle to the belt, then glue down the belt. Glue the center in place and work out toward the ends, making sure to keep the belt even on both sides so it matches up when you sew Santa into a cone shape. Don't glue too close to the edge so you don't have to sew through glue.

Glue down the face, then the beard, then the brim of the hat. Glue the hat brim like you did the belt. Start at the center and work out keeping the sides even. Don't glue too close to the edge so you don't have to sew through glue.

Fold Santa with his face in and pin together. Tie a loop of ribbon and tuck it in so the loop is on the inside and the knot is on the outside, emerging from the top of Santa's hat. Sew up the seam and turn right side out.

Measure to make sure Santa's diameter is about 2.25". Cut out the base, adjusting to fit if necessary. Stuff with filling and pin the base in place.Use a blanket stitch to finish.

Cut out a tiny circle of white felt about the size of a pencil eraser and glue it to the top of Santa's hat.

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  1. oh man. I wish I had found your blog sooner! These ornaments are all so cute...


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