Monday, June 1, 2015

Scrap Challenge

I have wanted to make another scrap quilt for awhile now - my first scrap quilt is one of my most used quilts - but it took me a long time to settle on a design. The blocks from my Quilt Block Project are never going to become a quilt (I've actually taken several apart) as they just weren't color coordinated enough, but the fabric I was planning to use for the backing will make a great backing for a different scrappy quilt!

I've decided on not one, but three different scrappy layouts, and we'll see 1) how many scraps I have and 2) how many quilt tops I can finish by the end of the year.

The designs I've chosen are:
  • The Arkansas Crossroads quilts, pictured here. This will likely be the third one I start since it requires the most solid fabric. I may also end up using this design for a non-scrap quilt.
  • A modified version of the Scrap Vomit/Technicolor Yawn, also pictured at the same link. I plan to use solids only for the ring of 8 squares pictured in blue for maximal scrappiness, but I might have enough to do those in scraps as well.
  • Another modified version of a scrap vomit quilt, which also looks like an Irish chain.
 I've already starting cutting 2.5" squares from my boxes of small scraps:

I have no idea how many there are at this point, but based on the number and size of the piles, I'm going to guess at least 600. I will need at least 1800 for the two scrap vomit layouts, so we'll see how many squares my larger scraps yield. Each layout will have 20 blocks, so I don't want more than 20 squares of any one fabric per quilt. My first scrap quilt used 4.5" squares. It's remarkable how many of those fabrics I still have scraps of nearly 15 years later!

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