Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pink and Blue Star Ornaments

When Claire was born, I made her an ornament, and I also made ornaments for the four kids my mom babysits. That was two years ago. This year, both families had a third baby, so I made ornaments for them as well. One family had a girl, so she got a pink ornament. One family had a boy, so he got a blue ornament. All the ornaments for the older siblings had brads with their initials. However, both sets of kids have names that start with the same letters - each family has an E, L, and C. Since Claire is also a C, the third C baby was out of luck - I was out of C brads and couldn't find them anywhere. I went to two Hobby Lobbys, I had people looking in other states, and nothing turned up online no matter how I searched. So the third C baby gets a rhinestone star, and it just turned out to be terribly convenient that I chose star fabric and already happened to have the star rhinestones!

C ornament #2
E ornament #1
L ornament #1
L ornament #2

Try making one yourself with this tutorial!

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