Sunday, August 28, 2016

More Pink and Blue Star Ornaments

Since Styrofoam balls come in packs of six, I try not to make these ornaments one at a time because I don't want to store a bunch of extra balls. So after I made two more ornaments for the kids my mom babysits, I had to find more recipients. Conveniently, one of my friends was expecting a second baby in September, and I hadn't made his first baby an ornament. I knew I had a P brad for their daughter, but after running out of C brads, and using up all the Es and Ls as well, I was concerned about what they might name their son. Fortunately, I had an F. Otherwise, I would have used rhinestones for both. Other than the brad/rhinestone in the center, the blue ornament is exactly the same as the previous blue star ornament, but the pink one is different. Since these are going to siblings, I made them much more similar than the other two, using the same fabric on the outside ring.

Try making one yourself with this tutorial!

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