Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dresden Plates Quilt

I made these three Dresden plates before we moved last year, so I was motivated to make this quilt my first project of the year. I only had enough scraps for three Dresden plates, so my first task was figuring out what to do to fill in the rest of the quilt top. Though the design is simple, it still took a bit of calculating to figure out appropriately scaled dimensions for everything, but it came together quickly after that. I have never appliqued a quilt top, so I got some Heat'n'Bond to adhere the Dresden plates to the quilt top before sewing them down. I was very glad I did this before quilting.

The applique made quilting a bit of a challenge, since I didn't want to quilt over the Dresden plates in the black thread I used for the rest of the quilt top. I quilted a zigzag design, stopping when I hit the Dresden plates and quilting them separately. The back of the quilt is yardage from my stash that I thought sufficiently complemented the green from the front. I added a little leftover grey from my sampler quilt to make it wide enough to accommodate the front. The is my favorite versatile grey and silver polka dot print that I've now used to bind two previous quilts.

Finished size: 57" x 83"

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